Production Team

Well organized and ample of stocks of raw material in our warehouse. We stricly monitor that first in and first out (FIFO) system is applied to all stocks to ensure that all stocks are renewed regularly. Each raw material is carefully checked and scheduled so that the production can start without any delay or hindrances.

Most modern and high-technology machines from world market leader of woodworking machine (Homag - Germany) for best quality and precision. Each production plan is carefully scheduled to maintain stability of productivity and efficiency of time. All production components are transfered by roller conveyor from one machine to the next machine.

Our quality control division check each component and production outcomes. To make sure that all components are in perfect condition, we use the "peeling" and "anti-scratch" method.

Before we pack, we have to make sure that each box has the standard and sufficient hardware so that customer can get the product complete with all the supporting hardware. Packing is done by schedule and according to the production plan. Therefore, there will be no wrong packing.